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I began painting and drawing landscape in and around Newcastle-upon -Tyne  before I began my art education at Central School of Art and Design in London. My degree show at  Goldsmith’s College, London in 1984 was primarily based on the disappearing industrial landscape of the north-east of England. In 1996 I moved to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides where for twenty-five years I found inspiration in the to the unique rural landscape of the Outer Hebrides. 

I have made two trips to Northern Iceland where I enjoyed making work based on the stunning mountainous landscape.

Recently I have returned to the mainland and Edinburgh and my new work has been using the Borders landscape of Scotland and England. I am attempting to capture the graphic rhythms of the fields and walls and use colour and shape to make works full of harmony, playfulness and joy. My last three solo exhibitions have taken inspiration from the city of Edinburgh. I have continued to attempt to use the shapes and lines created by the buildings and ephemera and attempt to invent and play with an urban rather than a rural subject. 


Simon Rivett

Foundation Course, Central School of Art & Design, London

BA (Honours) Fine Art, University of London, Goldsmiths College

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